Frequently Asked Questions

​Q: What should I know before being interviewed on camera? 

A: Being interviewed on camera can be nerve racking!  Check out this video for some helpful tips!

Q: What should I wear on camera? 

A: That can be tricky!! Here is a video that demonstrates what is good to wear and what is not very good to wear when on camera. 

Q: What is RAW footage? 

A: RAW footage is simple all of the video clips in the exact way they were captured on the camera. (not edited) 

Check out the video here for an example! 

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will I get to see my finished video?

A: Typically, editing will take 8 to 10 weeks from the final filming date on any standard project. Sometimes editing goes faster, other times more editing time is needed.. In either instance, we guarantee that we will always spend the necessary time to make your project great, while maintaining great communication with you and where we are at in the post production process! If it so happens that you need your edit done fast, we are happy to push it to the top of our priority list for an additional fee.


Q: What determines the cost of video production?

A: A lot of factors play a role in determining the cost of a video project. These may include:

  • Script writing / Idea development / Storyboarding.

  • Scouting the locations that will be utilized for filming .
  • Travel fees associated with the shoot.
  • Equipment that will need to be rented.
  • The number of team members and assistants that will be needed to complete the project.
  • Project management and correspondence.
  • The amount of time that our team will be need for production.
  • The amount of time that our team will need for post production / editing. 
  • Royalty free music licensing

  • Resources needed for printing, duplication, development, and delivery of the finished product.

  • Revision costs if needed.


Q: Why is studio time and editing necessary for my video?

A: Typically, the editing and post production process is the most important and intensive part for a video to be done right. As a general rule of thumb, a video producer will spend a minimum of five hours in the studio editing for every one hour spent recording the video, in order to make the finished product appealing.

When a more polished product is desired, more time in the editing room is essential.


Q: What do you charge for travel expenses?

A: Sovis Productions is happy to travel free of charge for the first 60 miles from Owosso, Michigan.  For locations exceeding this 60 mile range, A $1.00 per mile (one way) travel travel fee will be added. For distances greater than 300 miles from Owosso, MI., airfare, accommodations, and a per diem fee will be needed for each crew member involved in the production process for the duration of the project.


Q: What should I know before coming into the studio to record audio or a voice-over?

A: Great question! Click here for an in-depth answer!